Want to know more about people?

The ‘P’ Factor

The “P” Factor is about absorbing the ability to understand how people workwhy they react the way they do and how to deal with it to your advantage.

The book outlines a simple set of techniques that will turn you into a master communicator and help you achieve success in your life, love and work. It helps you think on your feet, organize your ideas for impact, build credibility and loyalty, and instantly answer questions from customers, bosses, coworkers… and anyone you have to deal with! Mastering how to increase your ‘P’ Factor is one of the only methods that lead you to happiness and success.

The ‘P’ Factor is within your reach; it is a quality you can learn to have. And if you master it, you can turn your whole world around.

* This is a softcover book.

USD $24.99